Last Updated: Mon Nov 01, 2010 20:15 pm (KSA) 17:15 pm (GMT)

Hidden camera found in UAE ministry washroom

Dubai police have arrested an Emirati employee at the Ministry of Environment who allegedly fixed a hidden camera in the women's washroom, press reports said Tuesday.

In the first incident of its kind at a government agency, the woman discovered a coin-size camera hidden in the ladies room of the ministry in the booming trade and tourism hub Dubai, according to English daily Xpress.

Col. Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Deputy Director of the Gen. Dept. of Criminal investigation told the daily that “within five hours after receiving the complaint police identified a suspect through the fingerprints.”

He added that the suspect confessed to police that he fixed the camera at the female washroom in the Ministry.

The man was charged by police and will appear in a Dubai court at a later date. The coin-size camera was connected to a receiver which was confiscated and all images have been demolished in the presence of police officials.

Dubai police have arrested people in similar cases, but in bathrooms of private companies and usually involving mobile phone cameras.

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