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Right-wingers want ban on Jerusalem Gay Pride

In 2005 three participants were stabbed by an ultra-orthodox Jew (File)
In 2005 three participants were stabbed by an ultra-orthodox Jew (File)

A rightwing group on Thursday asked the Israeli Supreme Court to ban this year's Gay Pride parade to be held in Occupied Jerusalem, an annual event that has drawn violent controversy in the Holy City in the past.

In a petition to the court, the small National Jewish Front called the event "a provocation," while the municipality filed a brief saying it too objected to the parade, scheduled to be held on June 26.

"We are against this parade which harms social relations," city spokesman Gidi Schemerling told AFP.

In 2005, an ultra-orthodox Jew stabbed three participants and was subsequently sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The following year, the venue was switched to a sports stadium following violent protests by ultra-orthodox Jews and rightwing opponents who consider the event "a profanity" of the Holy City.

Last year, about 2,500 gays, lesbians and activists marched down King David Street despite protests by thousands of people.

Jerusalem Open House, the gay rights activist group organizing the event, said the parade would put Jerusalem and Israel "to the true test of democracy and civil rights."

"Though we expect the struggle to be tough, we will not let the threats of violence silence us or challenge Israeli democracy," the group said.

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