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British Muslim officer settles racist ordeal

Tarique Ghaffur settles for 300,000 British pounds
Tarique Ghaffur settles for 300,000 British pounds

After months of costly legal meetings and protracted negotiations, senior Asian Muslim policeman Tarique Ghaffur, agreed to drop charges of racial discrimination against Scotland Yard, after settling for £300,000 ($463,670) in damages, an amount that a police spokesman declined to confirm.

The assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police launched an employment tribunal claim in August after 34 years of service, accusing the-now-resigned Commissioner Ian Blair and the Metropolitan Police of racial discrimination and maltreatment.

In response to his public outburst, the Met suspended Ghaffur from duty in an effort to put a lid on the racist ordeal.

Squarely blaming Commissioner Blair, Ghaffur accused him of sidelining, racial discrimination and facilitating a "degrading and humiliating" environment during Ghaffur's post as chief of security planning for the London 2012 Olympics, according to AFP.

Ghaffur further added that he documented Commissioner Ian Blair's maltreatment over the years.

The Metropolitan Police Authority issued a statement announcing the out-of-court settlement agreement and Tarique Ghaffur's retirement from service, adding that both it and Commissioner Ian Blair "recognize the hurt which he-Ghaffur-has felt over the past 18 months," according to Reuters report.

The racism within

Besides his suspension from duty, Ghaffur's public allegations prompted the Metropolitan Black Police Association to boycott the recruitment of ethnic minorities.

The decision was followed by the Home Secretary's call for inquiry and assessment of the treatment of ethnic minority officers.

The dossier which Ghaffur compiled to prove racism against him further documents the level of racial discrimination in Scotland Yard, claiming that it worsened over the years, and that officers from ethnic minority face a "hostile" atmosphere.

The issue of racism against Muslim police has been a sensitive issue in Britain, after the July 7 London bombings in 2005 and the Metropolitan Police Force's national anti-terrorism inquiries.

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