Last Updated: Tue Nov 02, 2010 17:46 pm (KSA) 14:46 pm (GMT)

World's first Muslim virtual world goes online

Users can shop for clothes at the mall or pray at the mosque
Users can shop for clothes at the mall or pray at the mosque

A trial version of the world's first Muslim-friendly virtual world was launched Tuesday, catering primarily to Muslims living in western countries who long to reconnect with other Muslims.

The site is called Muxlim Pal and allows users to create an online persona, design their own rooms, buy virtual items and interact with others.

The concept is based on other popular virtual worlds such as the The Sims or Second Life but is different in that content portraying violence, drugs, sexual references or profanity is not allowed.

"Muxlim Pal is just another channel for our users to socialize, have fun and express themselves using social media in a safe and friendly atmosphere," Muxlim chief executive Mohamed El-Fatatry, 23, told AFP.

Mosque and shopping

On Muxlim Pal, which is free of charge to join, users can shop for clothes for their avatar at the mall, hang out at the beach cafe, pray at the mosque or go to concerts.

Users can flag content they find unsuitable and inform community managers, who will delete material after it has been flagged a number of times.

The absence of obscene material is not only out of respect for Muslim values, but also to create a family-friendly site.

The English-language site was created by the Finnish-based company, which plans to launch the full version of the virtual world next year after tweaking the trial product with help from users.

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