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UPS cargo plane crashes in Dubai, two killed

UPS confirmed that its Boeing 747-400 went down in Dubai
UPS confirmed that its Boeing 747-400 went down in Dubai

A UPS cargo plane crashed in Dubai on Friday, killing its two crew members, Al Arabiya reported.

Ambulances rushed to the area, located near a residential district, Al Arabiya reporter said.

The United Arab Emirates civil aviation authority said the bodies of the two crew members on board were recovered.

A government source familiar with the initial crash report said the plane had taken off from Dubai International Airport at 18:40 pm (1440 GMT) and was diverted to a military compound after reporting trouble.

The aircraft caught fire, hit a covered parking lot, then bounced and crashed, the source said, adding that there were no injuries on the ground.

Saif al-Suwaidi, general manager of civil aviation, told Dubai TV that flights had not been affected at Dubai's airport, the busiest in the Middle East.

"The pilot reported fire and smoke in the cockpit and was instructed to return to Dubai. After failing to land at the airport, the plane disappeared from radar screens and was found later (at the crash site)," Suwaidi said.

Al Arabiya earlier reported that the plane fell 20 kilometers away from the Dubai International Airport near a UAE military camp.

UPS spokeswoman Kristen Petrella had earlier confirmed that the Boeing 747-400 went down in Dubai. Flight 6 was en route to the UPS hub in Cologne, Germany, she said.

Petrella said the plane had two crew members.

"This incident is very unfortunate and we will do everything we can to find the cause," UPS' airline and international operations manager Bob Lekites said in a statement.

"Our thoughts go out to the crew members involved in the incident and their families."

UPS is a global package delivery company and freight service based in Atlanta.

In October 2009, a Sudanese Boeing 707 cargo plane crashed in the desert outside Dubai, killing six crew members.

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