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Oil & radioactive pollutants post threat to Kuwait

US National Nuclear Security Team recovers radioactive waste
US National Nuclear Security Team recovers radioactive waste

Oil and radioactive pollutants make Kuwait one of the world’s most environmentally vulnerable countries, the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported on Friday.

Secretary General of Renewable Energy Development Organization (REDO) Ghadeer al-Saqabi said that Kuwait’s water is prone to oil pollution and radioactive leaks from its neighboring countries.

On sidelines of a ceremony inaugurating REDO’s ambassador to Qatar, al-Saqabi said that a committee has been formed and is currently conducting a plan for countering environmental disasters.

Calls for special laws

Moreover, she urged the Kuwaiti government and the National Assembly to enact special laws that would protect the environment, and promote the use of renewable energy.

She also said that there are some international companies are ready to supply Kuwait with sufficient renewable energy.

In August 2010, a Kuwait environment watchdog, Khaled al-Hajri, chairman of Green Line Environmental Group (GLEG), accused the U.S. military of causing an environment disaster in the region and compared it as an “equivalent” to the damage that may occur by a radiation leak from Iran’s nuclear reactors.

Al-Hajiri also accused the U.S. of double standards in dealing with environmental issues in the Gulf, and urged Kuwait’s neighboring countries to take appropriate stand to ward off dangers.

He also warned of the U.S. Army’s radioactive waste on the region, and the U.S. plan to take a radioactive shipment from Iraq, across Kuwait, and bury it in Adeed military base in Qatar.

In the same month Kuwait received assurances from Iran and Russia that the technology used in Iran's Russian-built Bushehr nuclear reactor is of high level and that its safety is ensured.

A Kuwaiti geologist has previously warned the government that Bushehr is located in an earthquake zone area, and it can be destroyed or heavily damaged in case of an earthquake taking place.

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