Last Updated: Fri May 13, 2011 02:59 am (KSA) 23:59 pm (GMT)

Syrian presenter at Al Arabiya TV resigns, implies subtle Syrian pressure

Al Arabiya TV presenter Zeina Yazigi.
Al Arabiya TV presenter Zeina Yazigi.

Al Arabiya TV presenter Zeina Yazigi has resigned because of what she said was her inability to continue covering the news amid the ongoing unrest in her native country, Syria.

“I do not want my resignation given more explanation than it can bear. I am leaving the channel and I am full of love for those I have worked with and I am not leaving because of any conflict with them.” Ms. Yazigi said. “The condition facing my country made it necessary to discontinue.”

Ms. Yazigi had joined Al Arabiya TV since its beginnings and has presented the 6 p.m. (GMT) newscast. Her primetime show is considered Al Arabiya’s single most important news broadcast.

There was no word whether Ms. Yazigi would continue to live in Dubai, where Al Arabiya’s operations are based, or if she would return home to Syria, where her family lives.

Abdul Rahman al-Rashed, Al Arabiya TV’s general manager, said he regretted Ms. Yazigi's resignation and understood her conditions.

“We appreciate all what she has offered during the past years and we wish her all the best,” Mr. al-Rashed said.

(Mustapha Ajbaili, an editor at Al Arabiya, can be reached at:

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