Egypt actress slams co-star's veiled-only policy

Accuses Hanan Turk of prejudice and discrimination

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Egyptian movie star Mona Zaki accused her former colleague Hanan Turk of promoting prejudice and discrimination by establishing a beauty center exclusively for veiled women.

Speaking on the MBC show "Al-Arrab" (Godfather), Zaki -- who also a Muslim -- said she rejects discriminating between people based on religion or dress code.

She criticized Turk – who is now veiled and no longer acting -- and said she was surprised to hear about the veiled-only center.

"I called her to inquire about that but couldn't reach her. She keeps changing her phone numbers," said Zaki.

In an earlier interview, Turk told AlArabiya.net that she wanted to create a comfortable setting for veiled women as other beauty salons cater to a mixed crowd.

She said she doesn't allow unveiled women into her salon because she would be aiding them to sin: "Unveiled women coming out of my beauty center will arouse men and I can't be part of that."

Turk also said she regrets doing movies that had "illicit body contact or illicit clothes," which she now deems to be against Islam, adding that she considers all the money she earned to be ill-gained.

Both actresses are among Egypt's most famous film stars of the past decade. They worked together in many movies, including the box office hit Sahar el-Lyali (Sleepless Nights).

Zaki said she found it unlikely that Turk cut ties with her over her "shameful" past: "She is a very kind person, and I guess she might be really busy."

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid).