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French 'Spiderman' nabbed trying to climb tower

'Spiderman' has made it to the top of 70 buildings (File)
'Spiderman' has made it to the top of 70 buildings (File)

"French Spiderman" Alain Roberts, known for illegally scaling buildings around the world, said Monday his latest attempt was foiled by Brazilian security guards who prevented him climbing a tower in Sao Paulo.

"One pulled like a madman at my ankle. He yanked so hard he pulled down my pants and underwear, leaving me naked in the street," he told AFP.

"I'm really angry. This was very costly," he said of his fruitless trip to Brazil.

The failed stunt took place late Sunday at the landmark Edificio Italia building which stands 46-stories high in central Sao Paulo.

The 45-year-old "urban climber" said the two guards who stopped him must have been alerted by the presence of three broadcast trucks used by a Brazilian television program that was covering the attempt live.

"The logistics were too heavy," he said, insisting that "one second more" and he would have been too high up the building's side to be caught.

After being grabbed, he was taken to a police station but released soon afterwards, officers said.

Roberts said he planned to return to France in the next couple of days -- but did not rule out making another climbing attempt in Sao Paulo before leaving.

Roberts, 45, has declared his guerrilla climbing activity his "philosophy." On his website he boasts that he has made it to the top of 70 buildings and monuments around the world in his 12-year career.

Last year he was deported from China for illegally conquering its tallest building, only to have Chinese officials invite him back in November to legitimately climb a mountain in the center of the country as a tourism attraction.

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