Last Updated: Mon Nov 01, 2010 20:18 pm (KSA) 17:18 pm (GMT)

Rising UK star rejects Dubai offer of £250,000

Lewis is a winner of British TV show 'X-factor' (File)
Lewis is a winner of British TV show 'X-factor' (File)

The United Kingdom's rising star Leona Lewis has reportedly turned down £250,000 to perform for only 15 minutes at a show in the super glamorous UAE emirate of Dubai, a British tabloid reported Saturday.

Lewis, 23, was offered the fee to sing at a corporate ball in Dubai and was also offered pay for everything, including air tickets and a five-night stay at the world's only seven star hotel, Burj Al Arab, The Sun newspaper reported.

According to The Sun, a source revealed that “Leona was offered the £250,000 to perform just four songs. It wouldn’t have taken much more than 15 minutes. But it seems it wasn’t enough for her team."

Ex-Pizza Hut employee, Lewis, is an English singer-songwriter and winner of the third series of the popular British television talent show 'The X Factor'.

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