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Malaysian town soon to have Muslim 'pub'

The owners of UK's Halal Inn (The Publican)
The owners of UK's Halal Inn (The Publican)

The Municipal Council in Kuantan, Malaysia, has proposed that a Muslim pub be opened where patrons can enjoy soft drinks and fruit juices, according to recent press reports.

"I think we should have a Muslim pub as it will allow those who want clean entertainment to unwind at such an outlet," the council's president Datuk Azizan Ahmad was quoted as saying by the New Strait Times.

Azizan said it was not a new idea as such a pub was already operational in the United Kingdom, South Asian news agency ANI reported.

The first Muslim pub – called the Halal Inn – opened in Oldham, Greater Manchester, last month where visitors are served non-alcoholic drinks.

The pub, which caters mainly to men, has a restaurant, prayer room and steam room. Customers listen to traditional Islamic music and can play darts and snooker.

The owners, Azizur Rahman and Muzahid Khan, said they spotted a gap in the market and took over what was the Westwood Inn.

"It's a gathering place for people who abide by strict Islamic rulings and don't like going to places where they serve alcohol," Khan told British weekly the Publican.

"As a non-alcoholic venue it will appeal to Muslims more, but it is essentially for people from all backgrounds. We chose the name Halal Inn because, if you follow the word to the tee, it means being of good character and having food that is clean," Khan said.

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