Egyptian preacher enters world of reality shows

Contestants will live together for three months

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Popular Egyptian preacher Amr Khaled is venturing into the world of reality television with a new show that hopes to recruit the next generation of Islamic preachers.

Khaled is recruiting participates through his website, Amrkhaled.net, where youth can apply or be nominated to be a contestant on Man Yukmel el-Resala (Who will bear the mission?). The show will follow the lucky few as they live together for three months under Khaled's supervision

The new show, written by Youssef Maati, aims to create a new generation of preachers to complete Khaled’s mission of promoting progress through faith that he started 10 years ago with a team of volunteers, Khaled told AlArabiya.net.

Khaled, who already hosts a motivational program on the Saudi-owned religious channel Iqra TV, ranks among the Muslim world’s most popular figures and is known for promoting peaceful coexistence between Islam and the West and encouraging personal responsibility.

He has topped the most influential people lists in Time magazine and Foreign Policy magazine and Forbes' list of richest preachers.

The show will mark a turn in his preaching career, said the 40-year-old Khaled, who is known as Islam’s first televangelist. He hopes to recruit a group of students with vision and talent who will follow his path and carry on his legacy.

The new generations, Khaled noted, will need young preachers to communicate with them in their own language.

Writer Youssef Maati worked on another TV show that encouraged youth development, although it was never produced. He wrote a show called Ebtada al-Meshwar (The journey Has Started), which was meant to choose 20 young people with the most creative projects.

"For me, Khaled's show is a continuation of my old idea for helping the youth and discovering their talents," Maati told AlArabiya.net.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)

For me, Khaled's show is a continuation of my old idea for helping the youth and discovering their talents

Youssef Maati, screenwriter