Santa Claus is my favorite politician: Haifa Wehbi

Denies music award bribe attempt

نشر في:

Santa Claus may not come to mind as a political figure worthy of note, but for Lebanese superstar and sex icon Haifaa Wehbi the jolly old elf tops her list, far above Lebanon’s sectarian leaders, she said in an interview Sunday.

Wehbi told the morning show Sabah Al Arabiya that she does not support any political party or group in Lebanon and is not fond of any of her country’s political figures.

She also sought to squash rumors that she had tried to bribe the executive producer of World Music Awards, singer Melissa Corken, to award her Best Selling Artist in the Middle East. Wehbi denied knowing Corken, who accused her of trying to buy the international award for $400,000.

"It's a disgrace to buy an award and I don't need that," she said. "I congratulate my colleague Nancy Ajram for getting it."

The singer, whose face has graced more than 100 magazine covers according to her website, was among People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in 2007. The accolade has prompted several invitations to international events like the Cannes Film Festival as well as charity events, she noted.

"It is an honor to take part in such humanitarian events," she said.

The 32-year-old entertainer is one of the most controversial in the Arab world because of her skimpy outfits and seductive performances, which conservatives and Islamists in the region have deemed provocative and indecent. Her concerts in the many Arab countries have been met with protests and government officials and public figures have called for bans on her performances at various times.

(Translated from the Arabic by Sonia Farid)

It's a disgrace to buy an award and I don't need that

Singer Haifa Wehbe