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UK police will question Mumbai gunman: official

Brown is in Islamabad after visiting New Delhi and Kabul
Brown is in Islamabad after visiting New Delhi and Kabul

British police may wish to question the only surviving gunman from the Mumbai attacks, a British government source said on Sunday as India denied an allegation by Pakistan that it had "inadvertently" violated its airspace.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown who is on a trip to Pakistan from New Delhi gave this message to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the source said.

Meanwhile, India denied Pakistan's allegations on Sunday that it had violated its airspace and said that Islamabad was trying to divert people's attention.

Pakistan had said Saturday that it believed Indian planes had "inadvertently" entered its airspace but said there was no cause for alarm about an escalation of tension between the nuclear-armed neighbors.

"The Indian Air Force denies any such violation of airspace," Air Force spokesman, Wing Commander Mahesh Upasani told Reuters.

The report followed a rise in tensions after gunmen killed 179 people in India's financial capital Mumbai in an attack which New Delhi blamed on Pakistan-based Islamist militants.

A Pakistan Air Force spokesman said there were two violations, one in the Kashmir area and another in the sector around the city of Lahore in Pakistan's Punjab province.

In response to India's denial on Sunday, the Pakistani Air Force said it stood by its statement.

"Our stance is the same. There's no change in it," spokesman Humayun Viqas said.

India has been extremely careful in recent years to prevent its warplanes from straying into Pakistan's airspace.

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