Saudi Qaeda member surrenders in Yemen

Surrender comes after weeks of tracking by securities

نشر في:

A Saudi member of al-Qaeda surrenders himself to Yemeni authorities after weeks of being tracked down with the help of information obtained from already captured Qaeda members, Al Arabiya TV reported Thursday.

Early investigation with Qaeda’s main sponsor in Yemen Hasan Hussein Bin al-Wan who was arrested last week in Mari, east of the capital Sanaa, helped security forces arrest Naif al-Harbi and uncover Qaeda networks in the country, according to unnamed security sources.

Three foreign hostages were killed this week after being seized in the mountainous Saada province in an attack that an analyst said bore the hallmarks of Qaeda.

Yemen has pledged to hunt down those behind the rare killing of three hostages identified by officials as two German nurses and a Korean teacher, and offered a reward of $275,000 for information leading to the capture of the kidnappers.

Yemeni authorities have blamed the Houthi tribal group, who belong to a Shiite Muslim sect, for kidnapping the nine foreigners, a charge the Houthis have denied.

Yemen, one the Arab world's poorest countries, is struggling with a Houthi-led revolt in the north, a secessionist movement in the south and Qaeda.

The unrest raised concerns in the United States and neighboring Saudi Arabia that Yemen could slip into chaos and provide a base for Qaeda or pirates operating in the Indian Ocean.