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Hezbollah can strike Tel Aviv: Report

Israeli girls write messages on shells ready to be fired towards Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon (File)
Israeli girls write messages on shells ready to be fired towards Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon (File)

Lebanon's Hezbollah has stockpiled more than 40,000 rockets and has ground missiles capable of hitting Tel Aviv, The Times of London said.

A senior Israeli army officer of the Northern Command interviewed by the newspaper in Jerusalem described the current situation along the Israel-Lebanon border as a fragile calm.

Hezbollah soldiers paraded in southern Lebanon in 2002 (New York Times)

The calm that has reigned in the area in the past three years since the end of the Second Lebanon War could 'explode any minute,' Brig. Gen. Alon Friedman warned.

Danny Ayalon, Israel's deputy foreign minister told the British newspaper in the past three years Hezbollah has not only replaced munitions but has upgraded its missiles.

Details of The Times report were published in Israeli newspapers Wednesday.

Video obtained by the newspaper shows Hezbollah operatives scouring the site of last month's explosion in a south Lebanese village trying to salvage rockets and other munitions, The Times said.

At the same time, other operatives placed obstructions along the route to prevent soldiers of the United Nations Interim Forces In Lebanon from reaching the site to investigate, the paper said.

The Times said Alain Le Roy the head of the U.N. peacekeeping operations, told the U.N. Security Council that all indications of the blast show the site was 'an actively maintained' Hezbollah depot and not an abandoned one.

Hezbollah operatives undergo basic military training which includes the handling of firearms at camps in the mountains flanking the Bekaa Valley, the report said. Hundreds of operatives travel to Iran to participate in more specialized courses including bomb making, and the handling of anti-tank missiles and surface to surface rockets, the paper said.

Based on western intelligence sources Hezbollah hopes to receive an improved version of the Iranian-made Fateh 110 rocket which can carry a 1,100 pound warhead more than 125 miles.

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