Last Updated: Tue Jan 11, 2011 08:10 am (KSA) 05:10 am (GMT)

Interpol after 47 Saudis for alleged al-Qaeda links

All 188 Interpol member countries have received details about the suspects
All 188 Interpol member countries have received details about the suspects

Interpol said it has placed 47 Saudis with alleged links to al-Qaeda terror network on its most-wanted list.

The publication by the international police body late Monday means all 188 member countries have received details about the suspects so that national police forces can help track them down.

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia asked Interpol for its help in tracking the suspects - all Saudi nationals - beyond its borders. Saudi officials said they are believed to be planning attacks in the kingdom.

The Arab world's biggest economy routinely releases lists of wanted al-Qaeda suspects. The country has aggressively battled the group since a series of attacks inside the kingdom that began in 2003.

This was the fifth in a series of lists of people with suspected al-Qaeda links to be released so far by the Saudi interior ministry.

Saudi militants linked to al-Qaeda launched a wave of attacks against Westerners and government installations between 2003 and 2006 before coming under a severe crackdown by the authorities.

Many are believed to be active in neighboring Yemen after the merger of the Saudi and Yemeni al-Qaeda front groups in the two countries under the banner of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) which is based in Yemen.

The Saudi justice ministry announced on Saturday that by the end of November 765 people suspected of links to al-Qaeda have been tried and sentenced, although it did not mention any verdicts.

Last month police at a checkpoint in Wadi al-Dawasir, 600 kilometers (360 miles) southeast of Riyadh, killed an al-Qaeda militant disguised as a woman after he emerged from a car and fired at security personnel.

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