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UAE musicians can now flaunt their talents in NY

An inside view of Carnegie Hall in New York
An inside view of Carnegie Hall in New York

UAE-based musicians now have the opportunity to showcase their talent in one of U.S. most prestigious concert venues, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The opportunity became possible after Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) and New York’s Carnegie Hall agreed a week ago to develop educational programs, and enter possible joint activities in which Arabic musicians would travel to America and vice versa, the UAE-based The National reported on Thursday.

“This signifies the beginning of a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship, which I am confident will advance the vision of ADMAF, which seeks to nurture the arts, education, culture and creativity for the benefit of society and the advancement of Abu Dhabi’s cultural vision,” said Hoda Kanoo, found of ADMAF and artistic director of the Abu Dhabi Festival.

In return, Clive Gillinson, executive and artistic director of Carnegie Hall, said that the hall’s “vision aims to bring the transformative power of music to the widest possible audience, to provide visionary education programs, and to foster the future of music through the cultivation of new works, artists and audiences.”

Carnegie Hall hosts about 250 performances each year, and its main recital hall, which seats almost 3,000 people, was home to the New York Philharmonic Orchestra from 1892 until 1962.

The two parties will work to put together a schedule of events, performances and concerts that will be announced later.

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