Last Updated: Wed Jan 26, 2011 23:20 pm (KSA) 20:20 pm (GMT)

Interpol issues arrest warrant for ex-leader & family


Interpol issued an alert to its 188 members to arrest and bring to justice the toppled Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and six of his relatives on Wednesday.

Headquarters in France, Interpol asked its members to bring information on the now wanted persons.

The decision came after Tunisia's issuing an international arrest warrant for the ousted Ben Ali and members of his family, Justice Minister Lazhar Karoui Chebbi said on Wednesday as a new cabinet lineup is set to be announced amid ongoing protests.

The former leader and his wife are being sought for "illegal acquisition" of assets and "illicit transfers of funds abroad", the minister told reporters.

Ben Ali quit and fled to Saudi Arabia on January 14 after 23 years in power.

Tunisia's new interim government has worked to replace ministers who quit and weighed possible deeper changes to the Cabinet as protesters continued to complain that the old guard still holds too much power, as the U.S. tries to press its advantage to push for democratic reforms there.

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