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2 percent of Egypt's population work in police


The Egyptian Interior Ministry has a number of security affiliates that are supposed to carry out certain missions specified by the Egyptian Constitution.

The first of those affiliates is the Police Department, in which up to 1.25 million personnel are working. In other words, almost 2% of Egypt's population work in the Police Department. Police elements in the government are estimated at 22%. There are also a huge number of people cooperating with the police without being employees at the department.

The interior ministry also has semi-military troops known as the Central Security, which contribute around 2.5 million personnel. These troops are responsible for preserving security during important and risky events as well as riots. In case those troops fail in their mission, the army might interfere.

The State Security Department is also an important affiliate to the interior ministry. It was established in July 1952 to be a substitute the Political Police that was prevailing before the July 1952 Revolution. The State Security Department has always been accused of weakening all kinds of political opposition and focusing on the protection of the regime.

There are also the Republican Guards and the Border Guards, which are affiliated to the ministry of defense.

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