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Egypt youths celebrate revolution in painting

Paintings all over Egypt chronicle the Jan. 25 Revolution and celebrate freedom
Paintings all over Egypt chronicle the Jan. 25 Revolution and celebrate freedom

As all Egypt celebrates the victory of its people after they succeeded in forcing President Hosni Mubarak to step down, youths with artistic talents are vying for producing paintings that best represent their happiness and portray their newly-acquired freedom.

Works of art portraying national unity between Muslims and Christians in Egypt are among the most prominent as Egyptians are starting to realize that the latest waves of sedition between followers of the two faiths were the work of a despotic regime that followed the divide-and-rule strategy.

In several paintings, the symbols of Christianity and Islam—the cross and the crescent—are portrayed together with different slogans that confirm the unity of Egyptians and bring back the spirit of the 1919 Revolution whose main motto was “Long live the crescent with the cross.”

Another work of national unity shows a clenched fist that represents the Egyptian people and under it the words “one hand” in reference to the way both Muslims and Christians gathered around the same purpose.

Other works of art focus on the main demands of the Jan. 25 Revolution and use words that kept echoing during the 18 days of the protests like “change,” “dignity,” and “humanity.”

“Egypt is above all” is also one of the most common phrases used in paintings that celebrate the revolution, which emphasizes that the interest of Egypt is more important than anything else like personal motives or political agendas. This phrase refers to the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the rest of the people.

A campaign was launched on the social networking website Facebook to call upon all Egyptian artists to create the world’s biggest mural in Tahrir Square in Downtown Cairo, where protestors staged a sit-in until their demands were met.

According to the group called “Invitation to paint the world’s biggest mural portraying the epic of the Egyptian revolution and its martyrs,” the mural will chronicle the different stages of the Jan. 25 Revolution and the struggles through which Egyptians went in order to gain their freedom. It will also feature pictures and stories of the martyrs, the youths who died while taking part in shaping their country’s history.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)

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