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Saudis favor western films & want more of it: survey

Around 70 percent of Saudi Arabians want more films from the West
Around 70 percent of Saudi Arabians want more films from the West

Movies from the west are among the most popular on TV for viewers in Saudi Arabia, according to a survey by the Arab Advisors Group.

Around 62 percent of Saudi Arabia’s TV views go to western films in comparison to 48.8 percent for Arabic movies, the UAE-based The National reported Arab Advisors' survey results on Wednesday, adding that news programs take some 48.8 percent.

Saud Arabia Media Survey of Internet Users 2011 was released on January, and includes a poll of 773 respondents showed that about 70 percent of the respondents wanted more western movies on TV compared with 46 percent who want more Arabic movies.

During the holy month of Ramadan where Muslims around the world fast for a month, Saudi Arabians’ TV habits change, according to the survey.

During Ramadan there is “a drop in movies, both western and Arabic, and news programs in favor of Arabic series, religious programs, and game shows,” said Samer Abbas a senior research analyst at Arab advisers.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia which suffers from terrorism said on Tuesday that it will remove books from school libraries that are deemed to encourage terrorism or defame religion.

The Associated Press reported an official from the kingdom’s education ministry saying on Tuesday that the ministry has created a book review committee that will begin work soon.

The move comes after U.S. pressures to Saudi Arabia and other Arab governments to crack down on writings believed to encourage terrorism.

Saudi King Abdullah who has encouraged reforms in the oil-rich kingdom, opened a state-of-the art postgraduate institution in 2009 where men and women study together - a move criticized by some in the highly conservative society.

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