Zealots slam UK’s 1st Muslim Miss Universe entrant

Religious zealots told her to rot in hell

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Shanna Bukhari who is Great Britain’s first Muslim Miss Universe contestant told the press that religious zealots not only slammed her decision to enter the beauty contest but told her to rot in hell.

Miss Bukhari aged 24 had the zealots predicting her torments in hellfire and with some other religious Muslim men posting messages on her Facebook page condemning her Miss Universe move as offensive to Islam.

"Three men wrote that they would not support me because what I was doing was sinful," the young beauty contestant told the Manchester Evening News. "They said I should rot in hell, which is pretty shocking.”

Miss Bukhari also critisized these men as hypocritical.

"They contradict themselves by going out clubbing, drinking and smoking at the weekends. That is completely hypocritical and they should look to themselves before they start judging others.”

To inspire Muslim girls

Miss Bukhari who works as model and is from a Pakistani origin, said that she wants girls from the Muslim communities to feel that they can do this.

"Muslim girls don't enter competitions like this because Islam does not permit it, but there is so much more to it than looking pretty," she said.

Meanwhile Miss Bukhari also expressed the positive support she received from the Muslim community in the UK.

"My family are right behind me and I have had support from many others on Facebook - including friends who wear headscarves - after I set up a campaign," she added.

"I know there are those people from the Muslim community who are going to object, but I have also had amazing support from the Asian/Pakistani community right across the UK and they have been very supportive and want me to do well."

She was qualified for the May finals of Miss UK by winning the Miss Universe Asiana, a beauty pageant for young women of Asian origin living in Britain.

Like all other competitors, she agreed to take part in the swimsuit section of the contest, and If she wins the UK title, she will represent the country in the Miss Universe finals in September in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo.

In 2005 Hammasa Kohistani, 18, from an Afghani origin, won the first Muslim Miss England title.

Muslim girls don't enter competitions like this because Islam does not permit it, but there is so much more to it than looking pretty

Shanna Bukhari