US pastor says will put prophet Mohammed "on trial"

Afghan protests as US pastor vows more provocations

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Fresh protests erupted in the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday over the burning of Quran copies by a U.S. preacher, as another U.S. pastor said he was considering putting Islamic prophet Mohammed "on trial''.

Violent demonstrations went into a fifth day as several hundred people gathered at Kabul University chanting "death to America" and "we want the burner of the Quran to be tried".

Angry protests over the burning of Quran copies by evangelical preacher Wayne Sapp in a Florida church began in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif on Friday, where the U.N. office was ransacked and seven of its employees killed. Dozens of Afghan protesters were also killed and more than 150 others injured in clashes with police on the following two days.

Tuesday's protesters were contained within the university campus by heavy police deployments and all roads leading in and out of the university were blocked, according to AFP.

The Daily Mail reported on Monday that controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones has vowed to step up his provocative campaign against Islam, saying he was considering putting Islamic prophet Mohammed "on trial" for his next "day of judgment" publicity stunt.

Despite clear evidence that his actions have led to multiple murders and widespread violence in the Middle East, the radical pastor remains unrepentant about his actions and has even hinted that he will take his provocative stance further.

"It is definitely a consideration to stage a trial on the life of Mohammed in the future," he said in an interview, according to the Daily Mail.

Such a move would trigger further violent protests in the Muslim world - even in more moderate Islamic states.

There were also reports of attempted suicide attacks on a U.S. military base in Kabul.

But Jones shows no signs of backing down, refusing to admit the violence is his fault, and apparently proud of his actions.

In an interview at his Dove World Outreach Center, the pastor at least admitted that he was saddened by the Afghan attacks - but added that he would burn the Quran again if given the chance.

"It was intended to stir the pot; if you don’t shake the boat, everyone will stay in their complacency," he told the New York Times.

(Compiled by Abeer Tayel)