Libyan Families Seek Shelter in Caves

In the rebel-held town, Zintan, Libya, families seek shelter in caves to protect themselves from shelling.

Since the uprising against Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi began in February, more than 40,000 have fled the mountain plateau due to heavy repeatedly shelling on the country’s rebel-controlled Western Mountains.

These families are returning to ancestral cave dwellings that are carved into the rocky hillside of Zintan's Ayal Hadiya neighbourhood.

In the Western Mountains families have been experiencing power outages for over five days.

Many families have to draw water from wells by hand and use candles to light their homes.

The only entry for food and fuel supply is through a single rebel-held border crossing with Tunisia more than 200 km from Zintan.


Libyan Soldier
Young Girl


Asim Ikram
Eman El Shenawi

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