Hamza Al Khatib a Syrian Martyr

Hamza al-Khatib, a 13-year-old boy’s body was returned to his family last Wednesday after he was arrested by security officials a month ago in the Dara'a region of Syria.

Hamza’s body was examined by doctors who said that it showed signs of torture and there were gunshot wounds to the head and arm. The marks and bruises on his body indicate that he may have been beaten with sticks and shoes. The boy was also said to be dismembered before he was killed.

The Syrian government has promised to investigate the killing of the teenage boy, whose tortured and mutilated body has turned him into a symbol of the Syrian resistance.
Hamza’s death has drawn outrage from the international community, including the US, and spurred more protests in Syria.


Patrick McCormick- UN Spokesman for childrens agency, UNICEF
Hillary Clinton- United States Secretary of State

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