Oman Orchestra in London

Traditional Omani dresses and the sounds created by bagpipes grabbed pedestrians’ attention outside the British Royal Armed Forces Church. As the passersby went inside, they discovered the members of the Omani Air Force band.

The Omani band, using both Arab and western instruments, played tracks that captured the admiration of the audience with its balanced tones and high spirit.

The band has provided traditional forms of Omani art with the harp, flute, drums and bagpipes, accompanied by traditional dances that added a brilliant touch to the show which was enjoyed by audience of all ages.

The Omani Air Force band, which consists of eighteen members, has participated in several international festivals. The band was founded in 1991 under the patronage of Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The band has been developing gradually since then, and what we see now are professional musicians in a great orchestra.

Original report: Moustapha Zarou

Translation: Shounaz Mekky


Rob Gordon - Royal Air Force
Ian Kendrick - former director of the band Air Force of Oman

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