Lebanon Forms New Government

On Monday, June 13, Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Najib Mikati announced the formation of a new government. This long-delayed event had been feared by the west and its allies, particularly because of speculations that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah would gain a majority.

Mr. Mikati was appointed to form a government in January, after Hezbollah and opposition parties toppled the Western-backed coalition, previously headed by Saad al-Hariri, the son of slain former premier Rafik Hariri.

On the streets of the capital Beirut, some citizens were surprised at the announcement despite a five month delay to the government’s formation.

Edward Issa, another local resident, urged the government to work on passing laws – a process that has been stalled due to recent events.

Mr. Mikati, who maintains his stance of neutrality, has said that the newly-formed government would seek to improve relations with other Arab countries.


Najib Mikati - Lebanese Prime Minister
Edward Issa - Lebanese citizen


Mourad Kricha
Jovan Djordjevic

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