Morocco: For and Against Constitutional Reforms

Across the cities of Morocco, thousands of protestors took to the streets on June 26 to rally both for and against the constitutional reforms proposed by King Mohammed VI.

The rallies, with thousands demonstrating either for or against the reforms "yes" vote of the July 1 referendum.
In Morocco’s capital, Rabat, a group of 2,000 demonstrators marched in favor of the king’s proposals. Casablanca, however, saw over 7,000 march against the proposed amendments to the constitution.

The rival groups were separated by lines of riot police, wielding large batons.

The large demonstrations have prompted the king to introduce new reforms in order to safeguard the future of the Alaouite dynasty. His fortunes have attracted the interests of numerous leaders, notably those of the Gulf States.

Rally Participants

Mourad Kirche
Ayman Qenawy
Bilal Alansarey

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