Saudi Mass Wedding

As summer heat approaches, many young couples in Saudi Arabia are preparing for their marriages. A Jeddah Charitable society has been offering financial help to young Saudis who cannot gather enough funds to pay for their weddings.

The charity held its 12th annual mass wedding on June 29th, which joined together 1,200 men and women. The charity’s goal is to remove the obstacles facing young people and help them build a future in which they can contribute to society.

A famous Saudi actor, Faiz Al Malik, was the event’s presenter, adding a touch of stardom to the ceremonies.
One of the grooms, Ali Al Maliki, is blind, and is a big fan of Al Maliki. He was especially happy to meet the actor in person.

The success of this year’s event has encouraged the organization to stage another ceremony in three months, and needy people are encouraged to submit their request to the organization.


Abdullah Ahmed, Chairman of Jeddah Charitable Society
Faiz Al Maliki, Saudi actor

Original report:

Saud Al Khalaf / Al Arabiya Jeddah


Mustapha Ajbaili
Murad Kricha

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