Middle Eastern Cuisine in Britain

In his west London kitchen, British chef, Stevie Parle is cooking up a Middle Eastern feast. He's making tahini, a Middle Eastern dip made of ground sesame seeds, traditionally eaten with bread and often a side accompaniment of meat and salad.

Recipes of Parle's Dock Kitchen restaurant are featuring on menus in Britain. They are also appearing in newspapers and magazines, to show the general public methods of using exotic Middle Eastern ingredients like the herb, zaatar.

Mr. Parle spent some time in Lebanon, and now imports grains such as Freekah, a green wheat kernel, from the south of the country, aside traveling the world in search for new recipes.

According to food lovers in London, Middle Eastern ingredients will only continue growing in popularity in Britain, while other restaurants will emerge by following Mr. Parle’s lead in recreating flavors of that region.


Briton James Walters, an owner of Arabica Food and Spice Company
Stevie Parle, British Chef

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