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Noora Faraj: What’s your form of escapism?

To me, music isn’t means of inspiration, but a form of escapism. Some people choose to listen to classical music to get their creative juices flowing, while others may choose tunes with a more upbeat tempo to pump them with energy to complete a task.

My attempts to listen to music to do any of the aforementioned ends up being rendered futile. I may listen to a certain band to perk my mood, but instead grow nostalgic. I choose a certain genre to stimulate my creativity, but that’s when escapism kicks in. My thoughts end up taking me to an alternate environment, and I begin to design scenarios in my head.

A person can spot an escapist, a musical one, in particular, quite easily. The daydreamer with his or her own soundtrack has headphones on, head gently swaying back and forth, bopping left to right, mouthing lyrics, or humming the tunes. Eyes usually looked glazed or fixed onto nothing in particular. They may seem to be looking in your direction, but once you decide to approach a musical escapist, perhaps think twice, because believe me, you won’t find anyone at home. At the very most, a musical escapist would respond to you five seconds slower than usual, with a monosyllabic grunt or two. On that note, it would be wise not to interrupt the escapist. The headphones are like a non-illuminated taxi sign.

This may come as one big euphemism for procrastination, but in defense of procrastinators, other tasks, no matter how irrelevant or mundane they may be, get done in replacement. With escapism, brain cells float into the stratosphere, and it will be a while until one can retrieve them.

It’s been a long day, and my headphones are on standby.

(Noora Faraj is Senior Producer of Web TV at Al Arabiya English. She can be reached at:

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