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Amarjit Sidhu: The loneliness of solitude

(Illustration By Amarjit Sidhu)
(Illustration By Amarjit Sidhu)

It is intriguing how a dust storm over Dubai can recall a glorious lonely moment. On a spring afternoon I was floating off to visit her favorite tree at the Revolution Square in Bucharest... jumping up to touch one of the flowers, careful not to pluck it, and she was then just less than one thousand yards and sixty times sixty seconds away...

A week has gone by since I wrote the above words.

Long after in the heat of Dubai on my walk back to work carrying a plastic shopping bag containing a microwavable “Chicken Kadai Combo,” I was thinking of the email I had received which included words “The End” from another continent.

I was pondering on the email, and wondered what I should say.
This came to mind: One cannot sustain a relationship based on pain and worries.

I think it is true on the personal basis as well as at the national level.

Reminded me of the “Arab Spring.”

(Amarjit Sidhu, Photo Editor at Al Arabiya English, is a socially active bachelor and poet. He can be reached at:

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