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Noora Faraj: Fight or flight? Choices, choices

Instilling fear into civilians by means of preaching the possible existence of higher supernatural power has clearly become the contemporary modus operandi in psychological imperialism.

I should slot in the word “neo” somewhere in that opening paragraph, since this isn’t the first instance in history that religion and fear have come hand in hand like shampoo and conditioner.

In my personal observation and interpretation, I believe that people actually derive masochistic pleasure from the fear of the unknown, whether it’s the threshold of a leader’s wrath or Mother Nature’s, even if it’s of the tiniest iota.

Allow me to clarify the term masochism in this context – there is absolutely no sexual connotation attached to that. An alternative definition is the gratification from self-destructive behavior, or to a lesser extent, self-denial. While I’m at it, fear itself is a disease, resulting of skewed perception and decreased rationality.

Because we are curious creatures, we all succumb to fear at some stage or to some degree. The more educated we are, the more exposed we are to science and logical problem solving, the more we wish to discover about the unsolved. Our fear lies in what remains unearthed.

But to those who are oblivious to the privileges of knowledge, fear is spoon-fed to them instead. That’s when the legendary Wizard of Oz starts waxing lyrical about extra-terrestrial powers, and, no, not the big grey bobble-headed creatures with perma-dilated pupils, but powers that are beyond our capacity to deduce it rationally. That being is the sole reasoning to things that occur outside a predicted pattern.

Ah, but see, that pattern has been a work in progress, very much like how “figureheads” have honed their skills in convincing mere mortals of their ideologies. In an ideal synchronization, the planets, environmental chaos, and theological domination have all aligned.

I’m convinced of the paradox, predicting the unpredictable, and that seems to be the ultimate challenge we are all facing in this era. What is to happen to global tyrants? What will happen to our coastal lines? Heck, I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner, even though I will firmly decide this instant.

What am I trying to infer here? That no one has the right to believe they are in complete control of anything but their own brain and body. Not other human beings. Not the cosmos. Not the earth and water. And certainly not one’s spirituality.

(Noora Faraj, Senior Producer of Web TV at Alarabiya English, can be reached at:

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