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Noora Faraj: The kids are alright…Not really

Call me a pessimist, but I’m not entirely hopeful about the whole “the future belongs to our children” spiel. At the rate that we’re going, it’s more a case of “our mess is left to our children to clean up after.” What kind of “parents,” or “siblings” as is more appropriate to Generation Y, are we?

Our children are being prematurely exposed to negative influences beyond the moderate dosage, all for the simplistically ultimate purpose of power, usually owned by sadists, and stacks of rectangular paper and metallic discs we call money.

They wear heels before they can walk, wield guns before they can wash themselves, forced to worry about their family’s welfare before they can write, and the list can go on, believe me.

Global society has become a perpetual paradox. We strive to educate our children, yet the same forces fulfilling that mission are contributing to the destruction of that very same nation in which those kids reside in. We strive to patch up a region of sectarian struggle, yet salivate at the stash of non-renewable resources buried in their sandbox. We strive to cure a country of physical diseases and illnesses, yet plant psychological maladies in their fragile brains instead.

The only upside I can derive from all this is that our children are certainly not naïve as they used to be, and the only real hope lies in their mission to break out of the cycle of ethical conundrums that centuries of development has yet to succeed at.

(Noora Faraj, Senior Producer of Web TV at Al Arabiya English, can be reached at:

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