Exiled Syrians Form New Council

A council for Syrian expatriates was created on July 16th by opposition groups, which consists of both Islamists and secular liberals, after the conclusion of the “National Salvation Congress” in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hundreds of President Bashar Al Assad’s opponents attended the symposium, one of many recent meetings convened in efforts to find ways to end the 41 year rule of the Assad clan. Although they were unable to find any solution, they were able to establish this representative council.

"We give our people our view future for Syria to change, to finish this regime, Bashar Assad and his family and change the regime and to have good future, democracy, freedoms and human rights."

The conference was meant to bring all opposition members onto one platform across the country, but after the recent violence in the Damascus neighborhood of Qaboun, where police forces killed 14 protesters on July 16, the meeting was cancelled.


Haitham Al Maleh - President of the conference

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