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Noora Faraj: Dashboard Bobble head

Better to avoid road rage in favor of getting to a destination in one piece!
Better to avoid road rage in favor of getting to a destination in one piece!

I can wax lyrical about why I do not possess a driver’s license. Before your eyes pop out of your sockets and make references to rebellious Saudi women drivers, let me begin by saying I fail at making it alive in automotive video games.

I haven’t had a pressing reason to get my license because after passing the legal age to get my learner’s and permit, I moved overseas as a student and relied on commuting via a perfectly organized system of public transportation. Some of the points that follow are reason enough to render me paranoid to drive these days.

Exemplifying Murphy’s Law, friends have succumbed to dastardly parking fines, the one time they “forget” to pay the meter.

Q: “How can this day get any worse?” A: By being exposed to an obnoxious flash of light from those pesky speed radars, of course. The burn in your back pocket comes at a few weeks delay.

Because you get student privileges in everything else, the natural balance is enforced by paid parking. That’s unless you don’t mind walking through sand pits/slosh through a downpour/suffer from a chest infection due to cyclonic wind/ (insert terrain or weather of choice) to defy the “system.”

Selling one’s blood to fuel a car.

The enforcement of road rules is as effective as having a Persian cat guard your home instead of a German shepherd.

Deciding to head out from/to home during peak hour is about a smart idea as going to Disneyland in July. Read: waiting in a seemingly infinite queue.

Specifically in this part of the world, you know infrastructure is abysmal when half the locations you decide to go to are non-existent on your GPS.

I tell my friends that I’m as useful as a dashboard bobble head when it comes to driving and directions, but I wouldn’t want to risk my livelihood to people who get an adrenalin rush from taking their video game skills to real-life roads.

(Noora Faraj is a Columnist and Senior Producer at Web TV of Al Arabiya English. She can be reached at:

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