Libya: NATO Strikes Civilian Spots

On July 21, rebels advanced to the borders of Zlintan, 21 miles west of Misrata and 100 miles east of the capital Tripoli.

After two days of fighting, rebels moved forward from Dafniyah in Misrata.

Ayman, rebel field commander said "We moved forward from Dafniyah towards Zlintan. We are now close to an area called Tuesday Market in Zlitan and God willing we will liberate our people in Zlintan soon from the forces of the tyrant and God willing, we will be victorious."

On the other hand, Foreign media in Libya has shown what the government said were the sites of a number of NATO air strikes on civilian targets.

Journalists were taken to Zlitan, while air strikes were ongoing. A number of loud explosions and smoke rose on the horizon from several miles away.

In Zlitan Hospital male patients in told reporters they had been injured in a separate strike on Zlitan that targets civilian neighborhood, killing at least one family and injuring others.

The media has also visit a construction company site which had suffered extensive damage. A spokesman said the site belonged to a civilian, commercial concern and had no military connections.

Ayman, rebel field commander

Mustapha Ajbaili

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