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Noora Faraj: If these walls could talk, literally…

I was making myself a cup of tea earlier and spent a good 10 minutes pretty much subjecting the teabag to waterboarding.

Which made me wonder: how would the world be like if objects possessed feeling? Would that teabag have yelled out to me, begging me to stop plunging it repeatedly in scalding water? Would it even be an “it”? Because in some languages, like French or Spanish, objects are gender orientated, which means, tea would be male.

Then again, there are cases of humans being objectified. So why am I even concerned about that tea bag, when concepts such as child labor and human trafficking exist?

I’m sure as you’re reading this, you’re thinking to yourself, how do tea bags and unethical treatment of children and women have any relevance?

It’s because I believe we need to take more time to think about how ethics, morality, and humanity are on the slow and steady path of deterioration.
We need to immerse ourselves in deep thought, in order to give ourselves a reality check and remember what distinguishes us from other beings or objects.

Well, that was my reality check for the day; my cuppa needs to be refreshed.

(Noora Faraj is a Columnist for AL Arabiya English Website, and Senior Producer at Al Arabiya Web TV. She can be reached at:

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