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Nadia Idriss Mayen: My Night Sail

With the weather reaching very high temperatures, all I can think about is sailing across the Spanish seas.

I’m thinking about this small city on the northwest tip of the island of Mallorca, Sóller.

Over a year ago I went on my first sailing trip. I basically skipped all baby steps of sailing and sailed across from Barcelona to the island of Mallorca.

It was an 18-hour sail. I can’t explain how beautiful and worth the “one time only” trip was.

The sky was clear; the waves were high with shades of blue and the boat had this rocking sound that gave this peaceful feel to it. Everyone in the crew held on and sat on the ledge of the boat holding on as we sailed searching for land. As the night grew close our vision became weakened and we were dependent on GPS and the North Star.

The sky resembled glowing freckles. Trying to spot the North Star was always fun. It’s the biggest star and surrounded by five others in an outline of a shopping cart.

When the night arrived and everyone grew silent, listening carefully for any other boat to be by, we were greeted by the sounds of dolphins. It was pitch-black but with our flashlights we got our hellos and were thrilled by our visitors.

The following day, as we approached the harbor, the first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful crystal water and the clear sands.

The city was surrounded by orange and lemon trees. The scent was over powering that as I walked through the town I could imagine taking a big juicy bite. The center, Plaça Constitució is surrounded by cafés and tiny boutiques. I sipped coffees and lemonades on my two day stay.

The closest thing I can get to physically recreating such memory is the cart of freshly squeezed Valencia orange juice sitting in my fridge, taking long sips of it as I look out the window of my apartment on a balmy evening in Dubai, with the Northern star staring back at me.

(Nadia Idriss Mayen is Executive Producer of Al Arabiya Web TV. She can be reached at:

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