Real Life Farmville

A real farm in the UK is run by web users.

The online popular game Farmville, that attracts nearly 50 million players a month, has inspired the national trust in Britain to have its own real Farmville, where a large working farm is to taken over by up to 10, 000 web users across the world to make key decisions of running "Myfarm" project from the comfort of their home.

The aim of this project according to its manager Richard Morris is to reconnect people with food as there is a huge disconnection at the moment in the UK and possible in other places around the world, Mr Morris said: unfortunately people don't know where their food comes from, a survey recently found that 28% under the age of 30 think their bacon comes from sheep.

These virtual farmers, who need to pay a one-off £30 fee to join, will have discussions that end in votes on all major matters on this farm, from what crops to grow in the field to what cattle to breed or buy.

Mr. Morris said: "what we will do is to engage with them through this digital website, I will propose a main decision each and there are three themes, crops, livestock and the wider impact like food security, food price and environment impact. Through this process they will learn each month"

To help these farming novices, tutorials are on the web to learn and understand a working farm through blogs and videos as all major decisions will be put to the "Myfarm" users.
What direction they are going will be decided by a click of mouse and their decision is final.

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