Turkey: Anguish Syrian Refugees

This video is said to be in Rehani Camp in Turkey. Where 2000 Syrian refugees reside in one camp.

The Families are from the Syrian cities of Dama, Jisr Al Shughour and Kherba Joz.

Ayman Bakeer a man seen in the video cries about the loss of his brother during the crackdown on protestors.

He says that his brother was innocent and many have been tortured to their death. He repeately denounces Bashar Al Assad and the gangs in Kherba Joz.

“I want to complain to the world, to Human Rights organizations.”

A second man in the video says “The Syrian government has always been like this for generations, accusing and killing family members for each others actions.” “These are all gangs deployed and are tainting the reputation of Syrian security and government.”

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