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Noora Faraj: The Last Supper…and then it’s Iftar for a month

If you notice crazy crowds at the supermarket, it’s not because of an impending apocalyptic event, but simply the fact that it’s that time of the month where both the bank account and the fridge (coincidentally this year!) are stocked heftily.

Monday’s the start of Ramadan and I’m sure many people are preparing to readjust their routines more than for the deprivation of food and water from dawn till dusk.

My heart especially goes out to all the daytime smokers – I’m imagining many people will be experiencing spaz attacks come midday due to nicotine withdrawal. I think I’d feel sorrier for the lonely ashtray stations. Don’t even get me started on caffeine withdrawal. You’ll find me foaming at the mouth rather than my usual cup of cappuccino.

One would think that skipping meals is a blessing for those who wish to shift their weight, but that’s not entirely the case. For starters, your system would suffer from symptoms similar to that of jet lag. Breaking fast at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. (depending on sunset) is perfectly normal, but eating at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m.? Unless you had a big night out, that’s just random, to someone grasping the concept of fasting.

Moreover, I promise you there are people out there that have this incredible power of having their intestinal capacity manifest into “python sebae” proportions.

Think the unhinging of the jaw and the devouring of an entire cow. Exaggeration has been used purely for illustrational purposes. Because no one can literally eat an entire cow, but I’m sure you already got the gist.

So to all the livestock that will be sacrificed as the month progresses, I thank you in advance for taking one off, and I hope everyone has a blessed month filled with repenting opportunities.

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