EU Increases Sanctions on Syria

On August 1st, European Union claimed Syrian authorities used tanks to storm protestors in the city of Hama which have killed 80 civilians on July 31.

President Bashar Al Assad's decision to send troops and heavy armor into the city where his father crushed an Islamist uprising in 1982 suggested he intends to use all means to crush protests rather than carry out his promises of reform.

Michael Mann, the spokesman for EU foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton said, ''We were extremely shocked and appalled by what happened in Hama yesterday. There has never been any justification for what has been going on. You cannot justify attacking civilians who are exercising their right to democratic protest. You just can't send in the tanks and attack them like that. We have condemned it in the strongest possible terms... It is completely unacceptable what is going on in Syria at the moment.''

Human Rights Watch said the response from the European Union and the United States has increases sanctions on Syria but it criticized Russia, China and the non-aligned for failing to act.

Human Rights Watch spokesman Reed Brody said, ''I mean, we know what's going on. The Syrian government is trying to stop us from finding out but we know what's going on and the international community is failing to act. Countries like Russia and China, but also South Africa, India and Brazil, who are stopping the Security Council from acting, who are stopping the International Criminal Court from getting involved, who are allowing Bashir to continue the killing, these countries have blood on their hands.''

''The Syrian people are paying the price for what is perceived as an endless intervention in, in Libya. And so China and Russia and these countries are saying 'Oh no, we are not signing up again' but the problem is that by refusing to act they are allowing the massacres to continue. So the Syrian people are paying for the mistakes being made in Libya.''

The United Nations Security Council was expected to hold closed-door talks on August 1.

Speakers: Michael Mann, the spokesman for EU foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton, Reed Brody, Human Rights Watch spokesman.

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