Palestine: Ramadan Support for Syrians

On the first days of Ramadan, August 1, Palestinians expressed their anger and grief over the reports of continuous violence in Syria.

Residents of Hebron (Al Khalil) in the West Bank condemned the government-led violence within the Syrian cities and support civilians protests.

Khaled Abu Aisha, Al Khalil residence, "We say God help them because we as Palestinians live under occupation we know a lot about this. We hope in this holy land to support the Syrian people and they will be freed soon"

Others hoped that the Syrian government would soon collapse under the popular uprising.

Ibrahim Al Zuhur said, "I hope Ramadan will be a month of blessing for Syria because all the Muslim victories happened in Ramadan we hope the end of Ramadan will be the end of the Syrian regime"

Palestinians, together with most of the global Muslim community of one billion in more than 50 countries, began to observe the holy month of Ramadan.

Salah Abu Hilwa said, "I am really sorry about what is going in Syria because people want to change their lives and get better lives. I am sorry that innocents are killed but that is their price of freedom. I hope it will end soon and I hope Ramadan will bring blessing to the whole world."

On July 31, Syrian tanks open fire on civilians of the city of Hama, resembling scenes of the 1982 massacre, which indicates that President Bashar Al Assad will continue to use all means to crush protests rather than carry out his promises of reform.


Khaled Abu Aisha, Salah Abu Hilwa, Ibrahim Al Zuhur, Al Khalil residences.

Abdullah Madani
Hamza El Attar
Sultan Batawi

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