Syrian TV Series "Al Khairbeh" Attracts Audience

Despite its social comedy aspect and the simple rural environment it was filmed in, “Al Khirbeh” TV series, written by Hamada Mamdouh and directed by Layth Hajo, explores the turmoil of the Arab world and becomes more of a satirical political series.

The series revolves around the conflicts between two families that are attached to outdated customs and traditions. It also shows the generational conflict that is sparked by the educated youth who are rejecting deep-rooted ideologies.

This series, which is filmed in a Syrian village that appears disconnected from the civilized world and recent communications revolution, was driven by the uprisings in the Arab world, according to some critics.

Mohamed Kheir Al-Jarrah, actor said, "The work deals with Arab citizen’s daily concerns, and the audience and viewers will note a modern simulation, despite its rural environment".

Shukran Mourtaja actress added,“Al-khirbeh” has a very important role in the Syrian drama, and will soon become one of the Syrian classics. It is a crossroad and shift for all especially that they have worked with great professors such as Doreid and Rashid.

Layth Hajo, director said,“This work has tried to keep up with new terms and events, and it generally shows the youth revolution and the uprising state led by the new generation, also known as the Internet generation.”

According to critics, this series, with actors Doreid Lahham and Rashid Assaf, seems to be one of the best comedy series in Ramadan, after it succeeded in depicting the southern Syrian environment and in attracting viewers, thanks to its script and stars.

Mohamed Kheir Al-Jarrah, actor
Shukran Mourtaja actress
Layth Hajo, director

Noora Al Faraj
Houssaine Taud
Majdi Alyazigi

Original Report by Yara Ashi, Al Arabiya

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