Algerian Woman Literate at 70

It was only a mere few years ago, Hajjah Aisha Mohiuddin was incapable of reading and writing; she was illiterate, and could not distinguish the letters’ in her name. She is one of many women who lived with illiteracy during the French occupation in Algeria.

Ms. Mohiuddin, who is in her seventies, was illiterate for most of her life, until she had to face a crucial challenge.

In her interview with Al Arabiya, Ms. Mohiuddin said the trigger to her learning to read and write was an invitation to a religious conference in her poor neighborhood.

“In the beginning, letters were talismans and puzzles” Said Ms. Mohiuddin.

However, an inner hidden force was pushing her forward, so in a year’s time she was capable in reading and writing. By the second year, she excelled and could read the Quran, and with her determination by the third she could inscribe the Quran verses.

Neither her children nor grandchildren could believe what Ms. Mohiuddin’s who dedicated her entire life to raising them, had achieved.

Ms. Mohiuddin son, told us with pride that he possess five of her handwritten Qurans in his library. She wants to continue her new skill by inscribing books of philosophy and interpretation, defying the struggle of ignorance and illiteracy.

Adaptation: Sarah Sfreir

Hajjah Aisha Mohiuddin

Noora Faraj

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