Syrians Want Freedom

On August 13, amateur video uploaded on social platform, YouTube shows a big demo in Syria at Al Mayadin area of Deir Al-Zor against Bashar Al Assad regime.

Protestors were coming out from Mansoor mosque after evening prayers chanting “we don't want Bashar" and "People want to overthrow the regime." "Syria wants freedom. No god but Allah and Assad is the enemy of Allah.

Military forces fired at protesters coming out of several mosques in Deir Al-Zor. Three people were reported dead and at least 80 others were killed since August 7. Syrian troops has also damages civilians' property on the same district.

Protesters gathered in the Tafas suburb of Houran, Deraa, are also shown on a social media website chanting: "Do you want Bashar? No. Do you want Maher? No. Do you want freedom? Yes. The people want to overthrow the regime."

Al Arabiya is unable to independently verify the content of these amateur videos.

Assad's forces have intensified assaults on towns and cities across the country since the start of Ramadan nearly two weeks ago.

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