Turkey FM Final Words for Bashar

On Monday, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu urged Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to immediately end his military crackdown towards civilians saying his statement were his “final words.”

"The unfolding events in Latakia yesterday and today, cannot be excused. What happened there cannot be seen as Syria's own business -- with respect to human rights. Today we want to call on the Syrian regime once again. The operations against civilians - that intensify in big cities - should stop immediately and unconditionally," Davutoglu told a news conference.

The Syrian President, who once enjoyed Turkish support, has been repeatedly urged to stop the brutality on protestors demanding an end to the Bashar regime which erupted in March.

"Syrian soldiers must withdraw from the cities and life should turn back to normal. If these operations do not stop there will be nothing left to say about the steps that would be taken. We expect and demand an end to these operations." The foreign minister added.

In the ancient port city of Latakia, Syrian forces stormed the city and shelled residential districts on Monday.

This coastal city is the latest city to be pounded by the military following Hama in the end of July.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

Abdullah Madani

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