Egypt's Al Rahman Tables for Iftar

Egypt's Al Rahman, or mercy tables, are a Ramadan tradition, and give the nation's poorest citizens an open invitation to iftar.

But many people feared that the January 25th revolution might have bad consequences on mercy tables, which are prepared by the Ashraf Al Mahdiyya association. However, individuals and associations have made sure the charitable endeavor continues this year.

Ashraf Al Mahdiyya began offering the tables about 30 years ago, and now provides three meals daily to about 300 fasting people. The meals include different dishes, water and traditional drinks such as tamarind juice. Many volunteers prepare and organize the tables hours before the call to prayer at sunset.

A Volunteer said," It is not about the food, it is a spiritual issue related to the love of the prophet. After the revolution of the 25th of January, many were afraid about the consequences the revolution would have on the mercy tables. However, concerned individuals and people in charge of the association were determined to maintain this work of charity."

Another volunteer said, "We continue working depending on what we have and on the donations we collect with discipline and faith. We promise that this year's fast is the same as the one held last year before the revolution.

Some beneficiaries of the mercy tables say that stopping this type of charity would have a serious impact on low-income individuals.

It is impossible to stop these feasts, because God blessed Egypt and every Muslim country."

Speakers: Volunteers at the tent

James Brock
Jassim Mohsin

Adaptation: Sarah Sfeir

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